The Smatterings

One day we're gonna be huge!


Bracy Eldred. Lead guitar, lead vocals, lead ego. The band wouldn't be what it is without his artistic visions. If only so many headaches didn't come with the package.

Rich Ruggleby. Bass guitar. Big enough to handle anyone physically, and level-headed enough to keep tensions in the band from getting out of hand. A good guy to have around.

Allison Wills. Guitar. A determined musician, her hunger rubs off on the others. Has a small rivalry with Bracy that varies in its friendliness levels.

Irene Ennis. Vocals and percussion. There's a big voice inside this small package. As the secondary lead vocalist and main backing vocalist, this tambourine virtuoso makes their sound a lot richer and their image a lot cuter.

Erica Brown. Keys and additional instruments. What's a nice girl like her doing mixed up with this crowd? Our resident music theory genius can play whatever is needed, and might just be their secret weapon.

Nate Stubbs. Drums. Defying all stereotypes, he's probably the most intelligent member of the band, but lacks a bit in social aptitude. Struggles with self-confidence (and eye contact), so it's just as well he's in the back.